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SUNSHINE is a Belgrade hip-hop/metal band that took its roots from the most urban parts of the city. Led by the idea of singer Branko Bojović, known as Bane Sunshine or Bane Grumbovski, Sunshine has become synonymous with a combination of energetic rhythms, raw riffs and deep words that penetrate the core of every listener.

The story of Sunshine begins in the hot days of the nineties, when Bane, inspired by his stay in America, decided to bring a new sound to the local music scene. Saturated with the classical repertoire that dominated at the time, he gathered a group of like-minded people and created a band that would become known for its authenticity and courage to explore new frontiers of sound.
The name “Sunshine” was not chosen by chance. It symbolizes the light that illuminates the dark streets of the city, providing hope and inspiration. The name comes from a Denver record store, the place where Bane first felt the pulse of black music that would shape his art. After several successful performances in Belgrade clubs, Sunshine released his first album, “Ljubavna likvefakcija”. The song “Žaklina traži sponzora” became an instant hit, showing the band’s potential to win over the audience with its honest and raw energy.

The second album, called “Š. G. T. M.”, only confirmed the band’s status as a leader on the domestic scene. The song “Misli mene gone”, with its lyrics by Ramirez, became the anthem of the generation, at the same time jumping out of established frameworks and bringing new freshness to the scene. Songs like “Misli mene gone”, “Žaklina traži sponzora” and “Kokane” have become anthems of generations, recognizable for their authenticity and deep lyrics that resonate in the hearts of listeners. Sunshine was the voice of those who were looking for expression for their frustrations, but also for their hopes for a better future.
In 2023, Sunshine announced his new album, “Vortex”, which will bring even more explosive hits and deep lyrics. The song “FNP” announced the arrival of a new sound that will once again shake up the music scene and show that Sunshine has no plans to slow down.

Sunshine remains true to its mission to bring light in dark times through its music and encourage its audience to believe in a better tomorrow. Their authenticity, courage and ability to convey deep emotions through their songs make them an indispensable part of the local music scene.