Belgrade Beer Fest 2023

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

General Information

The festival will take place from June 15 to 18, 2023.
The location of the festival isUšće in Belgrade, Serbia.

festival gates are open from 6 PM to 3 AM.

Festival visitors will be provided with 5 entrances to the festival:

  • 2 entrances from the side of the river that directly enters the Concert Zone
  • 2 entrances from the Nikola Tesla Boulevard side that enters the Cloud Zone (from which you enter the Concert Zone)
  • 1 VIP entrance, also on the river side

Entrance to the festival is free from 18:00-19:00. In case of arrival after 19:00, buying a ticket is necessary to enter the festival.

You can buy tickets on our website page  “TICKETS”.

You can also buy tickets directly through the ticketing service EFINITY:

website EFINITY, e_Finity app, or at points of sale: TC Rajićeva (floor I) and Štark Arena box office).

For more information, read the section ➕Ticket information in the extension of the page.

BELGRADE BEER FEST exclusively supports Cashless payment system with tokens.

For more information, read the section ➕Cashless payment system n the extension of the page.

Food and drinks purchased outside the festival boundaries are not permitted. However, there will be plenty of food and drink options available to visitors at the festival.

The age limit for alcohol consumption is 18 years and older. Identification may be required upon entry.

Yes, children can attend the festival but accompanied by adults.

Allowed items: backpacks (a school backpack is the maximum size), hats/caps, lighters, mobile phones and tablet devices, sunglasses, cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, small umbrellas, raincoats, drops for cleaning contact lenses, cameras and camcorders (with official press accreditation), insulin (with diabetic booklet and personal documents), medicines (with original doctor’s report and original packaging).

Prohibited items:drugs and opiates, knives and other weapons, bottles and cans, instruments, food and drinks purchased outside the festival boundaries, tents, pets, large umbrellas, blankets, selfie sticks and GoPro cameras, drones, banners ( with hate speech directed towards religious and racial affiliation, sexual orientation, etc.), deodorants and perfumes.

No, there is no specific dress code for the festival. However, we ask all festival visitors to dress appropriately and respectfully. Offensive or inappropriate clothing is prohibited.

Yes, the festival grounds are accessible for people with disabilities, and there are designated areas for wheelchair users.

No, pets are not allowed at the festival.

The Organizers of the festival observe all the necessary health and safety protocols stipulated by the Law in order to maximally ensure the safety of the festival visitors.

Ticket information

You can buy tickets on our website page  “TICKETS”.

You can also buy tickets directly through the ticketing service EFINITY:

website EFINITY, e_Finity app, or at points of sale: TC Rajićeva (floor I) and Štark Arena box office).

Ticket prices vary depending on the selected ticket category. You can buy tickets already at the price of 300.00 RSD per day of the festival. For more information on the prices of all ticket categories, look HERE.

Yes, you can buy tickets at the entrance to the festival.

  • EFINITY website & app: The maximum number of tickets you can buy in one transaction is 6 tickets.
  • There are no restrictions on purchasing tickets at physical points of sale.

No. At the entrance to the festival, it is enough to read the unique QR code from the ticket you received by mail or via the application. Do not use screenshots of tickets or of the QR code.

Children up to 7 years old do not pay entrance to the festival.

Cashless - cashless payment system

BELGRADE BEER FEST uses Cashless payment system in which visitors can buy tokens for purchasing food and drinks that are on a Cashless card.

The benefits of a cashless system at festivals include improved security, faster transaction times and increased convenience for visitors.

Tokens can be obtained on the festival grounds by exchanging cash at one of the festival’s 14 token top-up points on Cashless cards or through the e_Finity app and EFINITY sales points. For the use of a physical cashless card, a deposit in the amount of 200.00 RSD is given, which is fully returned after the festival, when the card is returned.

You can check the token balance at any time in the following ways:

  • Cashless card balance check: By going to the payment point and scanning the QR code, you can check the balance of your tokens.

Payments and additional token payments can be made by cash or payment cards at payment points at the festival itself, as well as through the e_Finity app and EFINITY sales points (TC Rajićeva (floor I)) and Štark Arena box office).

No. All purchases must be made through the festival’s Cashless payment system.

Absolutely, the BELGRADE BEER FEST cashless payment system is designed to be safe and reliable. All payment transactions are encrypted and processed through a secure payment gateway to protect the payment information of all festival goers.



Novi Beograd, Serbia