Belgrade Beer Fest 2024

RIFF stage


“5 Minuta slave” (PMS) appeared on the music scene in 2014, since then it has been persevering in the musical manner of the best traditions of Novi Sad punk. At the beginning, they played covers, and over time they focused more and more on the author’s expression, both in poetics and in the domain of sound. The group released their debut album “PMS u kuci” in 2019.


“Bagremov med” is an original composition from Belgrade. It consists of Nemanja Terić (drums), Bojan Ristic (guitar, backing vocals) and Strahinja Popović (bass, lead vocals). The arrangements of the songs are adapted to the sound of three instruments, complexly and thoughtfully connected into one whole. The band explores all aspects of rock music from the sixties, seventies and eighties of the last century, from the point of view of today. Until now, the band’s sounds could be heard from the Belgrade clubs Fest, Kuglaš, Problem, Polet, as well as from the “Rock it” festival in Kragujevac, “Plastika za muziku” in Pirot, and “Prnjavorstok” in the vicinity of Belgrade. In the spring of 2022, the band finishes recording the debut album “Sleep Paralysis”, and a year later wins second place at the “Bunt” festival.


“Keni nije mrtav” is a powerful guitar trio that skillfully combines modern elements of music with a guitar sound. In the fall, at the beginning of November, “Let’s Dance”, the band’s debut album, was released, after the check was already on December 23, followed by a sold-out concert in the hall of Amerika, Belgrade’s Dom omladine. Before the release of the debut album, Keni embarked on a “never-ending tour”, playing over 50 concerts in a season. The band has gained a reputation as one of the best indierock, indiepunk live performers, with very dynamic and interesting, but also quality live performances.


The band “Monah” from Niš was created at the end of 2020. Already in April 2021, they released the video for the first single “Behind the Mirror”, and then the videos for two more singles: “The End” and “The Promised Land”. The already released tracks are part of their first concept album “Utopia”, which are independent, issued at the end of May 2023. The band performed all over Serbia, from Pirot all the way to Palić. They participated in 3 competitions, of which they won 1st place at the RTS BUNT Rock Festival, was declared the best band as chosen by the audience at the Zaječar Guitar Festival, and won the first place at the Kragujevac “Rock It” festival. They experiment with genres with their music, although the inspiration comes from progressive rock, they say that they are looking for a different and fresher sound to provide to the listeners.


Rainmaker is an Iron Maiden tribute band from Belgrade. Active since 2011, they are considered one of the most authentic tributes to the legendary Maidens in the Balkans. As every Iron Maiden tour is accompanied by a separate theme, Rainmaker plays as well, and in 2023 the band’s setlist follows the current “Future Past” tour, but anthems such as Run to the Hills, The Trooper, Fear of the Dark will not be left out either!


And now, real Rock’n’Roll. After a short break and personnel change, Nafta is ready to return to the stage. Sometimes raw, simple, strong and fast, and sometimes slow, complicated and gentle – in any case it is striking and magical. Following in the footsteps of the best representatives of Serbian garage alternative and space rock atmosphere, Nafta is a band formed by Bane Vukosavljević, poet and guitarist of the legendary Subotic band DŽUKELE.
The sound and musical direction could be described as somewhat more alternative rock compared to the mentioned band with psychedelic elements and (non)urban new age poetics. Of course, punk rock and rock’n’roll roots are not absent this time either. The group was created as a natural reaction to the eternal need for communication in some higher spheres and an opportunity for artistic expression. Furious but also bizarre live performances are what Nafta likes to provide. Discography: Only Shadows Pass [2008], Alternator [2011], Antirealism [2019].


Sanitarium is an alt metal band from Belgrade, founded in 2016. They are the winners of many festivals in the region, BUNT Rock 6, Zaječar Guitar Festival, Rock Festival, Mobil Music Fest, May Guitar Festival, Bass Player Festival, Novi Sad October Festival and many others. They played at many big festivals such as ARSENAL Fest, Bedem Fest, Blokstok, PDF Fest, Velikogradištanska Gitarijada, BG Demo fest… On May 14, 2023, the band’s debut album was released, as a joint release of Multimedia Music and


The hard rock group from Kragujevac EPILOG was created in 2016 with the release of their first album called Nova Tempore, published by T.I.O.L.I.records. The group is led by guitarist and songwriter Dragan Urošević Uroš, better known as the author and founder of the former band Osvajači. EPILOG had the opportunity to present himself to the audience in the region at numerous festival performances, where he performed his original songs. In addition to the songs from the first album, the group also performs songs by Dragan Urošević Uroš, from the time of his original work with the group Osvajači on the first three albums. The author of many popular titles such as “Mask”, “Find me”, “Where to run”, “Never hang around with you”, “A minute of silence”, “With whom you wait for the day”, “When the soul fails”, “Blood i Led” and others, gathered an experienced team of musicians from Kragujevac, Ruma and Pancevo. At the beginning of 2023, the EPILOG group completed their second studio album and collaborated with the production company SKYMUSIC™ Production, in
whose production will soon release an album called “Obraz”.


Straight Mickey And The Boyz is a dynamic, furious trio of great Belgrade musicians who draw influence from different styles of rock squeezed into recognizable and full of character expressions. They passionately mix styles and genres such as hard rock, garage rock, funk, and even avant jazz and combine them into a unique composition with the intoxicating scent of the good Belgrade spirit that rages with progressive musical ideas and fierce energy. In a very short time since they started presenting their groovy rock, Straight Mickey And The Boyz have become one of the promising new bands in Serbia and the whole region and thanks to their explosive performances they have gained a reputation as a band that must be seen live. From start to finish this is a rock band with attitude and drive.