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S.A.R.S. is an alternative band from Belgrade, founded in March 2006 by Aleksandar Luković Lukac and Dragan Kovačević Žabac. The initial lineup of the band included Žarko Kovačević Žare, Dragan Kovačević Žabac, Vladimir Popović Hobbo, Aleksandar Luković Lukac, Miloš Kovačević Kriva, Branislav Lučić Beban, Goran Mladenović Japanac and Ivana Blažević Violina. Each member of the band came from different musical backgrounds, which contributed to the creation of the band’s unique sound and style.

After initial performances in Belgrade clubs and Niš K.S.T., the band temporarily stopped performing, when some members left the band. However, the song “Buđav Lebac”, which was uploaded to YouTube, became extremely popular in the former Yugoslavia, which encouraged the remaining members to reunite. The success and acceptance of the song Buđav Lebac is a special sociological and cultural phenomenon. So in the middle of 2008, they continued recording demo songs.

The band’s debut album, titled simply “S.A.R.S.”, was released in March 2009. The album was a huge success, winning the 2008 Music Breakthrough Award and winning two Audience Awards for Best Debut Band and Single of 2008. However, despite the success, there were changes in the composition of the band, which did not disrupt their creativity and work.

During 2009, the band embarked on their first major tour, playing throughout the region. At the same time, they were working on new material for their second album. “Perspektiva”, their second studio album, was released in December 2010, and its release was marked by a free download from local-regional MTV sites.

S.A.R.S. has become recognizable for its original music and energetic performances. Their influence extends beyond the music scene, as demonstrated when Serbian swimmer Nadja Higl sang their song “Buđav Lebac” before the final race at the 2009 World Championships. The band continued to attract the attention of the audience and the media with their work and engagement, which makes them one of the most significant alternative bands of the region