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Neverne Bebe


Neverne Bebe is one of the most famous and beloved bands on the domestic music scene. Formed in 1993 in Valjevo, Neverne Bebe quickly won the hearts of the audience with their emotional lyrics and infectious melodies. Their music combines elements of rock, pop and alternative, creating a distinctive sound that has left a lasting impression on listeners.

Some of the band’s most famous songs include “Da ima nas”, “Tuzla”, “Dvoje”, “Boje duge” and “Zavek”. These songs have become anthems for generations, with lyrics that touch on love, emotions and everyday life topics, which has contributed to their longevity and popularity.

Over the years, Neverne Bebe have evolved and grown, with each new album bringing fresh ideas and sound. The band’s first studio album, titled “Neverne bebe I”, was released in early 1994, laying the foundations for all future successes. 

Current members of the band include founder and keyboardist Milan Đurđević, bassist Vladan Đurđević, guitarist Saša Ranđelović, drummer Miloš Ratković, guitarists Nemanja Savić and Andrija Stojić, and vocalists Tijana Sretković and Jelena Pudar. This lineup is a strong and well-coordinated team that continues to delight audiences throughout the region with their energetic performances and emotional music.