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The band Jarboli has a rich and varied career that has lasted for over three decades, starting from the foundation in 1992. They are considered one of the key representatives of the indie pop scene.

From the very beginning, the band was known for its originality and creativity in creating music that stood out on the local scene. Today, the band consists of Boris Mladenović on guitar and vocals, Daniel Kovač also on guitar and vocals, Žolt Kovač on bass guitar, Nemanja Aćimović on drums, and Sonja Lončar on keyboards. This eclectic lineup brings diversity to the band’s sound, combining different musical influences and styles.

One of the trademarks of the band is definitely their songs. Tracks like “Ponekad”, “Ples”, “Osloni se” and “Dobro poznata stvar” have become anthems of generations, and their music videos and audio recordings on the YouTube platform count over several thousand views. This clearly speaks of their extreme popularity and influence on the music scene in the region.

Their concerts are often accompanied by great interest from the audience, and over the years, Jarboli have left an indelible mark on the domestic indie pop music scene and continue to inspire new generations of musicians.