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GOBLINI are one of the most important rock bands that appeared on the scene of the Balkans in the nineties. Founded in 1992 in Šabac, this band has become synonymous with authentic sound, energetic performances and lyrics that resonate across generations.

Alen Jovanović, Vladislav Kokotović and Branko Golubović were the ones who created the foundations for what would become the Goblini. With their first studio album simply titled “Goblini”, released in 1993, the band immediately caught the attention of the audience with their raw sound and honest lyrics.

Continuing to build their way to the top, Goblins released a series of albums that became classics of the regional rock scene. “Istinite priče 1. deo” (1994), “U Magnovenju” (1996), “Re-Contra” (1999) and “Roba s greškom” (2013) are just some of the releases that marked the career of this band.

Their music was protest, honest and provocative, addressing topics that were current in the society of that time. Songs like “Luna”, “Kao da…”, “Deca iz komšiluka” and “Evropo” became anthems of generations that grew up with the sound of Goblini.

During the nineties, Goblini were indispensable on the concert scene. Their performances were full of energy and passion, and the audience was always delighted with their performances. The band played more than 350 concerts, spreading their message throughout the region.

However, in 2001, Goblins decided to temporarily stop their work, leaving behind a magnificent career that left a deep mark in the history of domestic music.

But the story of the Goblins is not over. Almost a decade later, in 2010, the band reunited, reviving their authentic sound and bringing a new wave of energy to the scene. With Branko Golubović, Alen Jovanović, Vladislav Kokotović, Saša Šetka and Milan Arnautović in the lineup, the Goblins continued to win the hearts of the audience.

Their comeback was marked by the release of the CD single “Crno na belo” with the songs “Luna” and “Kao da…”, followed by a music video and a documentary that delighted fans. New singles like “U odbrani zla” and the album “Roba s greškom” followed in 2013, which showed that Goblins still have a lot to say and that their music still has the power to move people.

Throughout their rich career, Goblini have left an indelible mark on the local music scene. Their authenticity, courage and passion for music make them an indispensable name that will live forever in the hearts of their fans. The 2010 documentary “Ima nas gomila” depicts their story in detail, while their concerts are still places where a team that shares the same passion for music and freedom of expression gathers.