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Bojan Ristić

Bojan Ristić, one of the most outstanding trumpet players today, was born in Vladičina Han in a musical family, which established his passion and talent for music from the earliest days. Already at the age of seven, he started playing the trumpet, marking the beginning of an impressive career that would mark the Serbian trumpet tradition.

The trumpet, as an instrument deeply rooted in Serbian culture, has become his vocal expression and means of communication with audiences around the world. Through trumpet music, Bojan Ristić conveys the emotions, stories and traditions of his people, making it an indispensable part of Serbian folklore heritage.

Bojan Ristić had his first public performance at the age of 14 in Surdulica, where he already showed exceptional talent and virtuosity. His talent was quickly recognized, which led him to the prestigious competition – Guča Trumpet festival, where he qualified in the category of young orchestras, marking the beginning of his fame and recognition in the trumpet world.

In 2023, Bojan Ristić became the undisputed highlight of the Guča Trumpet Festival, winning the title of best trumpet player. This recognition is not only a reflection of his technical skill and musical talent, but also a confirmation of his dedication to art and the effort he puts into his work. His virtuosity and passion for trumpet music continue to inspire and delight fans of traditional Serbian music around the world.