Belgrade Beer Fest 2024


Kerber is a legendary rock group that has become synonymous with Serbian rock and roll. They were founded in Nis in 1981, and since then they have left a deep and indelible mark on the local and regional music scene. The band’s name comes from the three-headed dog from Greek mythology, reflecting the strength, power and energy the band brings to their music.

Their greatest hits, such as “Ratne igre”, “Bolje da sam druge ljubio” and “Još samo ovu noć mi daj”, became anthems for generations and left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans. Kerber’s music is characterized by strong vocals, virtuoso guitar playing and emotional lyrics that touch the core of human emotions.

Throughout his rich career, Kerber has gone through different phases and evolutions, but has always maintained his signature sound and authenticity. Their performances are known for high energy, emotion and engagement, leaving the audience enthralled and inspired.

Kerber is not just a musical band, but a symbol of generations and times. Their music conveyed messages of love, rebellion, but also hope, winning the hearts of listeners throughout the region. Their influence on the local music scene is undeniable, and their legacies will live on and inspire future generations.