Belgrade Beer Fest 2024


Dram, a synth indie pop band from Belgrade, has become recognizable for its unique fusion of melodies and hypnotic rhythms. Their success did not go unnoticed, so they had the opportunity to perform at many renowned festivals, where they won over the audience and critics with their energetic performance. The single “Daj mi sve” not only brought the band the “Milan Mladenović” award, but also cemented their position as one of the most notable new bands on the scene.

Now, as they prepare to release their third studio album, Dram continues to explore new sounds and themes, promising their fans another emotional and danceable experience. With Stefan Aćimović on vocals, Marko Arizanović on keyboards, guitar and backing vocals, Nikola Grozdanić on drums and electronics, as well as Petar Blagojević on bass guitar and backing vocals, Dram is ready to continue its musical journey and conquer an even wider audience with its authentic aesthetics and expression.