Belgrade Beer Fest 2024

“This year, the Beogradski sindikat is celebrating its 25th anniversary and we had the idea to make a big Belgrade concert, but the organizers of the Belgrade Beer Fest somehow got ahead of us, so it was, I would say, a historic collaboration.” We also worked with Skymusic on our concert in Tašmajdan exactly two years ago, and now the dice have lined up super well – instead of the planned big Belgrade concert, we will have a performance at Beer Fest, which will be just as good and strong, if not better than of the aforementioned epic concert to Taš” – said Ognjen Janković and Boško Ćirković Škabo at the press conference held on the occasion of the upcoming festival.

Žika Jelić from the YU group announced the premiere performance of a new song in collaboration with Osvajači, which will be presented to the audience on the last day of the festival: “I can’t wait for June 23 to hear how it sounds and give the final verdict.”

The YU Grupa has performed at the festival many times, and on that occasion, Žika says: “Whenever they ask me, for all these years, how long have I been involved in music, and Dragi and I have been in rock’n’roll for 62 years, and in the YU Grupa for 54 year, which is the biggest concert in terms of audience, I always say, in the first place, it is Belgrade Beer Fest”.

Regarding their performance this year, Žika said: “And this year YU Group, we will see if we will promote any of the new compositions because we are in the phase of creating a new CD, in any case, as usual, good music, the audience is always in a good mood and just, god, have a nice time.

The singer of Osvajač, Zvonko Pantović, known as Čipi, announced at the conference that the band will play their old and new songs on June 23 at the Belgrade Beer Fest.

“This year, it’s a pleasure to be at the Beer Fest, which in itself is one of the biggest events in our country,” he said, promising a good time for everyone who comes: “When we’re having a good time on stage, so is the audience.” good”, while the keyboardist of the band, Nebojša Jakovljević Šone, thanked Skymusic, the festival organizer, and added that not everyone who performs at the Belgrade Beer Fest is there by chance: “I’m glad that we are here again, it means that the audience wants to hear us .”

Let’s remind you that the biggest names of the local and regional scene are waiting for us on the main stage, and in addition to the Beogradski sindikat, YU Grupa and Osvajača, there are also Dubioza Kolektiv, Galija, Električni Orgazam, Sunshine, S.A.R.S, LET 3, Kerber, Smak plus, Goblini, Jarboli, Love Hunters, Kanda Kodža i Nebojša, Bojan Ristić Trumpet house band, Del Arno Band and Neverne bebe.

This year, the Electro stage brings the most popular domestic performers, and the most impressive names are certainly Marko Nastić, Dejan Milićević and Rahmanee. As announced, this year’s Electro stage will be significantly larger than last year’s, and the plan is to pay special attention to fans of this sound in future editions.

“The headliners on the Electro stage aroused great interest of the audience and this is the reason that in future editions we will expand the list of performers to include big and even world stars of this music genre” – said Nataša Kalember, PR manager of Skymusic.

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