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SMAK PLUS is a band that not only carries on the legacy of the legendary SMAK, but also brings a new, fresh energy that conquers audiences all over the country. This group of young musicians has managed to approach the timeless hits of SMAK in a way that appeals and demands the attention of their generation, while respecting the original spirit of the songs.


The idea to form this band came from Radomir Mihailović Točko himself, the legendary guitarist and founder of the SMAK group. He saw potential in the idea of refreshing SMAK’s classic songs and adapting them to a new audience, while maintaining the authenticity of the original tracks. The concept “SMAK PLUS” means the continuation of the band’s work with younger members, but also the inclusion of songs that SMAK did not often perform in their performances.

The lineup of SMAK PLUS consists of an eclectic group of talented musicians. Dejan Stojanović Kepa Jr., the son of the original drummer Smak, has been part of the band for decades, bringing with him the experience and energy of his father. Filip Milanović, son of Zoran Milanović, former bass player of Smak, is also part of the band, continuing the family’s musical tradition. Dejan Zdraveski and Jovan Mitrović bring their skills on keyboards and guitar, while Jovan Pantić, whose voice characteristics remind Boris Aranđelović, conquers the audience with his emotional interpretations. Marko Stojanović Kepa Jr. Jr., as a drummer, brings new energy and rhythm to the band, completing the line-up

SMAK PLUS is not only the successor of SMAK, but also an independent entity that has its own unique approach to music. Their ability to revive SMAK classics in a new and fresh way shows that they have inherited not only the musical legacy, but also the spirit of the original band. Their performances attract both older generations, who remember the time when SMAK’s songs first took over the scene, and younger listeners who are discovering this music anew.

Through their interpretation of songs such as “Bioskop Fox”, “Sumadijski blues” or “Crna dama”, SMAK PLUS revives the atmosphere and emotions that the original tracks evoked, providing the audience with an authentic experience. Their performances are a blend of tradition and modern sound, bringing a nostalgic feeling together with the freshness of a new approach.

SMAK PLUS has become a favorite band both among SMAK fans and among fans of quality music throughout the country. Their concerts are a real spectacle that attracts rock fans of all generations, while SMAK’s songs gain new life through their interpretation. This band represents a bridge between past and present, bringing together different generations and keeping alive the spirit of one of the most important bands in the history of the Yugoslav rock scene.