Belgrade Beer Fest 2024

Plus 1

The band PLUS 1, founded in Belgrade by Miroslav Cakić and Milan Bogdanović, represents an interesting phenomenon on the domestic indie rock scene. Their musical path began to take shape from the very beginning, while they worked together to create their authentic sound

The debut album “Sve znamo”, released at the end of 2022, was the highlight of their work and was a critical and commercial success. The first single from the album, “Koga imaš”, quickly became a fan favorite and won the attention of both domestic and international audiences. Along with the completion of work on the album, a live band is formed around PLUS 1, joined by Slobodan Jovanović – drums, Srđan Popov – bass, and Kosta Jovanović – guitar.

After the success of the first album, PLUS 1 did not stop. On the contrary, they are currently focused on creating their second album, continuing to explore different musical directions and inspirations.