Belgrade Beer Fest 2024


Hali Gali is an event known for promoting young artists from many alternative music genres.
The first Hali Gali compilation was released in December 2019 for the Kišobran/Pop Despresija publishing house, which then promoted a handful of new young bands, and many of them have been ruling the Serbian music scene for a couple of years. This year, especially at the BELGRADE BEER FEST, more precisely, on 16 June, the belgrade audience will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most diverse music festivals in Serbia at the RIFF STAGE.


Cactus Fields IS a band from Gornji Milanovac, founded in 2018. In the summer of 2019, they released their first single “U glavi”. After that, in the fall of 2022, they released their first, self-titled album, during the promotion of which, in the following concerts, in addition to the already standard good playing, they proved to be a band that likes to leave blood on their instruments and the audience flooded with waves of enthusiasm. The current lineup of the band consists of Vukašin Petrović, Đorđe Dabić, Konstantin Janković and Miloš Knežević.


Sitzpinker is a quartet from Belgrade consisting of Dunja Mijačić (vocals), Pavle Trifunović (bass), Danilo Ilić (guitar) and Andrej Mladenović (drums). They released their debut EP “Podlo Poštovanje” at the beginning of the summer of 2018, they participated in Hala Gali Compilation (2019) with the song “Metanoja”, and the singles “Isolation”, “Da li” (both 2020), “Sudan” and “Mustang ” (2021) hinted at significant changes in sound and announced a debut album.


Proto tip consists of Nikola Čučković (vocals, guitar), Damjan Nedelkov (guitar), Danilo Ilić (drums) and Pavle Dimitrijević (bass, vocals). They released their first EP “Strah od izvesnog” in 2017 (Listen Loudest), and as one of the founding bands of Hali Gali collective, they were present on the 2019 compilation with the track “Pad”. The debut studio album “s ivice sanjanja” (Pop Depresija/Kišobran) was released at the end of February with fantastic reviews throughout the region. They represented Serbia at the MENT festival in Ljubljana.


Šajzerbiterlemon is an alternative rock band from Belgrade formed in 2014. They released their debut EP in 2017, and the first album “Iza naših zidova” was released by Zagreb’s Geenger Records two years later. The popular “Šajzeri” attracted the attention of the musical public in the region with their energetic performances, fascinating video clips and appearance on the “Hali gali” compilation, an album that brought together the most current young bands in Belgrade. They played at important festivals such as EXIT and MENT Ljubljana, and last year alone they had notable performances in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zagreb, Skopje, Sofia, Budapest and Bratislava. Their new album “Na dugačkim poljima”, released in 2022 as a joint release of Zagreb’s Geenger Records and Belgrade’s Pop Depression, won critics and audiences and “cemented” Šajzerbiterlemon as one of the most important serbian bands of the new generation. The current lineup of the band consists of Jovan Sibinović, Ana Đurović, Konstantin Janković and Marko Obradović.


This glamorous group is considered by many to be the leaders of the new Belgrade alternative sound. Some remember them as the only young band from this area to tour Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. Various people know them by songs such as “Nosorog”, “Pustinja” or “Mamuze”, and many recognize them by the songs “Ne vidim te od dima” and “Novčanice”. The fact is that they are one of the leading bands of the young Belgrade scene, but it is also a fact that they are one of the founders and organizers of the “Hali Gali” festival!


According to many critics, Gazorpazorp is one of the “most creatively powerful guitar bands of the new generation in the Balkans”. The band consists of Jasmin Rastić – guitar, vocals, Damjan Nedelkov – guitar, Nikola Bajčetić – drums, vocals and Miloš Đerković – bass guitar, vocals. In April 2018, they released their debut EP simply called ‘EP #1’ with hyper-energetic songs, full of distortion and rough vocals. In December 2020, Gazorpazorp will release the EP ‘Od vazudha i sunca’ (Moonlee Records), which brings five fresh songs, full of youthful spirit, playfulness and passion. Besides the obvious influences of bands like Repetitor or Metz, their elusive sound is a combination of noise-rock punch, math-rock complexity, post-punk playfulness and psychedelic rock experimentation, combining both Anglo-American and regional musical traditions. With their contemporary rock aesthetic, Gazorpazorp stands side by side with current bands like Squid, Black Midi, Oh Sees, Protomartyr and Tropical Fuck Storm. Despite the youth of the band members, Gazorpazorp has a mature and refined approach to song arrangements, which jumps from explosive bouts of madness to floating calm passages and back again with incredible ease. Gazorpazorp are the voice of a new generation, recognizable Belgrade charm, and primarily a fantastic band, which continues the tradition of regional musical uncompromisingness. Since 2019, Gazorpazorp has been cooperating with the renowned Slovenian publisher Moonlee.


Post-hardcore quartet from Novobeograd-Kosjer ( ̄▽ ̄). The band members are Maći on drums, Relja on bass and vocals, Dami and Lucho on guitars and vocals. We have all kinds of influences, but we mostly focus on post-hardcore, emo and similar nonsense.