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The musical group Galija is an indispensable name on the Serbian rock scene, since its establishment, which goes back to 1976. With its long-standing presence and uncompromising approach to music, Galija has become a symbol of quality and authenticity in local rock music.

The group has gone through different phases and changes, but has always kept its signature sound and energy. The current team consists of Nenad Milosavljević, Predrag Milosavljević, Boban Pavlović, Dragutin Jakovljević, Slaviša Pavlović, Ivan Ilić and Goran Antonović. Their synergy on stage brings new freshness, but also respect for the heritage that Galija carries.

Over the years, Galija has released an impressive number of albums – 15 studio albums, 1 live album and 6 compilation albums. Each of them bears the stamp of originality and emotional depth, making Galija an indispensable part of Serbian musical heritage. 

Their music has captured the hearts of many generations, proving that true art has no expiration date. Galija continues to live and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the local rock scene.