Belgrade Beer Fest 2024



Epilog, a hard rock band from Kragujevac, embodies the power and passion that permeates their music. With band members like Nenad Jovanović on vocals, Dragan Urošević and Darko Spasić on guitars, Nenad Vukelić on bass guitar, and Nikola Baošić on drums, Epilog delivers energetic performances and melodies that leave a profound impact on the audience.

Their debut album “Nova Tempore” was an introduction to the world of Epilog, but their true prowess was showcased with their second album “Obraz”. This album serves as a response to an audience craving for a harder sound and themes that reflect the essence of everyday life. With “Obraz”, Epilog brings honesty and rawness that is reflected through every note and every word, while simultaneously capturing the hearts of fans.