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Električni Orgazam

Elektricni orgazam

Električni Orgazam is a cult rock band that was founded at the beginning of 1980 in Belgrade, then SFRY. Their first performance took place at the beginning of June of the same year, which marked the beginning of an incredible musical journey that lasted more than four decades. With a distinctive sound that combines elements of post-punk, new wave and rock, Električni Orgazam quickly won the hearts of audiences throughout the former Yugoslavia and became one of the most influential bands on the regional scene. 

Their greatest hits, such as “Igra rock’n’roll cela Jugoslavija” and “Bejbe, ti nisi tu”, became anthems of generations and left a deep mark in the history of Yugoslav music, while their album “Kako bubanj kaže” became a classic of the domestic rock scene. Električni orgazam is still actively performing and inspiring new generations of musicians, confirming its indisputable status as a legend.