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Dejan Milićević

Dejan Milićević


Dejan Milićević is the undisputed pioneer of techno music in Serbia, whose career marked the previous 20 years of the electronic scene. With an extensive international career, he has earned a reputation as one of the most respected and sought-after DJs in the world.

His musical talent and passion for electronic music have led him to perform at all the biggest festivals across Europe, as well as in prestigious clubs around the world. His tireless work and dedication to music allowed him to win over audiences wherever he appeared.

What sets Dejan Milićević apart as a DJ is his unique style that combines elements of house and techno, thus creating an unforgettable experience for listeners. His sets are known for their energetic atmosphere and hypnotic rhythms that leave the audience breathless.

Over the years, Dejan Milićević has shown his ability to adapt to the trends of electronic music, but at the same time maintain his distinctive sound and authenticity. His music inspires people around the world and leaves a lasting impression on the global electronic scene.