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Beogradski Sindikat

Beogradski sindikat

Beogradski sindikat is one of the most popular groups among the younger population, known for their engaging songs that criticize social problems and bad lifestyles. During their career, they released six albums, each of which experienced exceptional popularity among the public.

They released their first album called “BSSST…Tišinčina” in 2001, which was a great start for the band. The album quickly won the hearts of the audience, becoming a hit not only among fans of rap music, but also among a wider audience. After this success, the group had a string of hits with their next albums: “Govedina”, “Svi zajedeno”, “Oni su”, “Direktni heroji” and “Sindikalno proleće”. Each of these albums had its own special place in the hearts of fans, with songs that stood out for their originality and social engagement. 

Among the numerous hits launched by Beogradski sindikat, some of the most famous are “Dolazi Sindikat”, “Škabo maestro”, “Divljina”, “BS! BS!”, “Govedina”, “Zajedno”, “Od sranja se ne beži”, “Alal vera”, “Poroci Beograda”, “Ja u životu imam sve”, “Mi smo ta ekipa”, “Svim srcem”, “Olovni vojnici”, “Nema povlačenja, nema predaje”, “Balada disidenta”, “Sistem te laže” and many others. 

Beogradski sindikat is still active and continues to bravely walk its own path, spreading its message through its authentic music. Their influence on the domestic rap scene and society in general is difficult to overestimate, because with their lyrics they managed to win the hearts of many and encourage thinking about current social problems. This band remains a symbol of resistance and the fight for justice and change in our society, inspiring their fans to fight for a better tomorrow.