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Come to the 15th Belgrade Beer Fest with Bule, Cvija and Dragana

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sa Buletom, Cvijom i Draganom pođite na 15. Belgrade Beer Fest

We proudly present you a promo video for this year's 15th Belgrade Beer Fest, which will be held from August 16th to August 20th at Ušće.

The advertising video inviting visitors to come to Ušće reminds us of the famous sequence from the cult movie "Oktoberfest", and the actors of the movie story Svetislav Goncić and Zoran Cvijanović, in an almost identical frame, will go with tram passengers to Belgrade Festival instead to Munich. This is not by chance, because this year it turns 30 years since the movie premiere, and Belgrade Beer Fest celebrates its 15th birthday.

The shooting of the video, reminded the favourite Belgrade actors of the beautiful memories from the time movie was made, and the main character of the film story Svetislav Bule Goncić especially liked the cooperation with Dragana Mićalović, the promoter of this year's festival.

"The idea of connecting these two stories in the video is great, the story of us a little bit older and the story of these young people, and the fact that together we can have a great time at one place - at Beer Fest", said Bule.

In the jubilee year, Belgrade Beer Fest organizers will entertain guests with a rich musical program, a wide range of beer brands and new festival zones.

See the video on the link: