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Direktori, Zabranjeno Pušenje, Škrtice and Mortal Kombat at 15th Belgrade Beer Fest

Friday, July 14, 2017

At this year's 15th Belgrade Beer Fest, the cult punk band from Belgrade, Direktori, will perform on the joy of hard sound fans. One of the best domestic bands in the 90's, that returned to the stage in 2016, after a ten-year break, will perform on Thursday, August 17th. The masters of "melodic noise and beer lovers", for which fans like to say that they are "wickedly good, brutal and direct", are preparing punk hits for the performance at Ušće and promise a good mood with their cult songs: "Čistićete ulice", "Ide voz", "Bando crvena", "Ko je svetski šampion", "Volimo pivo", "Životinjska farma" and others. On the same night, little bit earlier, Mortal Kombat, metal punk band from Belgrade, will perform. The band exists since 2009, and its music is based on hard sound and provocative lyrics.


On the third day of Belgrade Beer Fest, Škrtice, will have their concert at Ušće. The group composed of well-known musicians from three generations and four bands, led by Zoran Kostić Cane, will bring to Ušće a new energy, strong music and recognizable vocals through tracks from their first album "Kulise", "Horizonti", "Tik-tak", "Mudrolije", "Zaborava nema". "In this explosive mixture one can find everything: punk, hard rock, new wave, hard core, experimental music, and this sound does not leave anyone indifferent", band members say.

Also, on Friday, August 18th, the cult band from Sarajevo, Zabranjeno pušenje, will organize the show. The leader of the band, Sejo Sekson, announces their performance at Ušće as a blend of youth (in the audience) and experience (on stage), and to the question of how nostalgic he is when he remembers their first performance at Belgrade Beer Fest, he says: "That was our first big concert in Belgrade. What remained in my memory was that for the first time in my life, I was awakened from sleep, because reality was more beautiful than sleep. It was a day when we experienced a beautiful and warm welcome, which person rarely experiences and I will remember it as the most beautiful moment in this business. I can not look at period 15 years ago in the music scene through nostalgia. I am not overly nostalgic and today there are the same bands that existed 15 years ago, only Azra and Bijelo Dugme do not exist, less everyone is there, and the festivals such as Belgrade Beer Fest prove that rock scene is alive".

Zabranjeno pušenje

Tourist organization of Serbia invites tourists to Belgrade Beer Fest

Tourist manifestations are by all indicators an increasingly important tourist product in Europe and the world. The event is a specific product, because it is held only once a year and has an unusually strong influence on creating an image of a destination. In addition to the importance that the manifestation has in terms of spreading positive vibrations about one country, it also has an economic function, which relates to the tourist consumption and the creation of new jobs.

"Certainly, as a part of the summer offer, Belgrade Beer Fest takes a significant place, since it represents the biggest beer festival in Southeast Europe based on an average visit. Belgrade Beer Fest has established itself as one of the important segments of Serbia's tourist offer, and accordingly, its organizers always take care of the excellent mood and festival atmosphere. Considering that Belgrade Beer Fest is a brand that contributes to promoting the country and strengthening its image, the Tourist Organization of Serbia intensively promotes this festival through its activities and will endeavor to support it wholeheartedly in the years to come", said Marija Labović, the Manager of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, adding: "Bearing in mind the importance of manifestation tourism, the Tourism Organization of Serbia, within the framework of this year's summer local and regional campaign "See Serbia... a perfect holiday is at your fingertips", has supported summer festivals in Serbia. TOS has also carried out this activity in the global market through global media (broadcasting on the BBC) and digital media, with the aim of animating larger number of tourists that visit our festivals and cities in Serbia. Festival visit gives added value to the offer of certain destination. This year also, Belgrade is again presented on the list of British "Independent", as a "city break" destination, among 17 cities that tourists should visit, while Belgrade Beer Fest has received recognition being included among 20 world events to be visited".