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Plavi Orkestar spectacle, with their surprise guests at Belgrade Beer Fest

Thursday, July 06, 2017

One of the most popular groups from the former Yugoslavia - Plavi Orkestar prepares a grand spectacle for the last evening of the 15th Belgrade Beer Fest.

Plavi orkestar will perform at Ušće on Sunday, August 20th, as part of their current "Everblue Tour 2017 - the night of Plavi orkestar", when they and their numerous guests will give a night to remember.

The current tour the band started in mid-June, and the first big concert will be held at Belgrade Beer Fest, where on the previous two performances they scored records according to the number of visitors at Ušće.

It is interesting that all concerts from the current tour are being recorded in audio and video format, and the material will be used for the first live album of the band. Therefore, their performance this year will last for about two and a half hours, and on the main festival stage, numerous friends will join them, including the famous artist Branko Đurić - Đuro, popular Slovenian musician Roberto Magnifico, as well as guests of surprises.

The collaboration between Branko Đurić Đura and Plavi orkestar began in the eighties through the cult "New Primitives" movement in Sarajevo. A famous actor, comedian and director has directed music videos on several occasions for Plavi orkestar, while the front man Saša Lošić wrote the music for Đura's movie hit "Kajmak i marmelada".

Robert Pešut known under the artistic name Roberto Magnifico, is one of the best Slovenian musicians. He is known for his numerous hits such as "Hir aj kam, hir aj go", "Samo malo" and as the author of the music for the film "Montevideo, Bog te video". He has just released his new album entitled "Charlatan de Balkan". Magnifico is one of the close friends of Saša Lošić, with whom he has shared performances through various projects.

Plavi orkestar was founded in Sarajevo in 1983. In music encyclopedias it is designated as one of the "cultural phenomena of the eighties and nineties of the last century". The guys from the group released eight albums that were sold in more than four million copies on the markets of the former Yugoslavia and beyond. They held over 4,000 concerts in the Balkans as well as Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, America, Australia and other countries.

The performances of Plavi orkestar have been the most attractive and most popular concerts on the regional scene for decades, and the citizens of Belgrade and their guests will have the opportunity and pleasure to enjoy the true spectacle in which no big hit will be missed, and which we are sure will mark this summer for many.

Del Arno Bend and Đorđe David about Belgrade Beer Fest

On the first day of the festival, the famous rocker, Đorđe David will perform with his band "Death saw".

"Everyone from the band can not wait for our performance on August 16th and "we will kill" with the repertoire. Beer Fest is the brightest and most beloved Belgrade badge. Who has not played at Beer Fest does not exist in the music map. Beer Fest equals the world", says Đorđe David.

And on the last evening of the festival, before Plavi orkestar, Del Arno Band will perform, which, according to the front man Jovan Matić, was pleased to be the witness of the emergence and development of Belgrade Beer Fest.

"Since the first days, the band has supported the idea that the capital has its big music festival. Extraordinary memories link us to Beer Fest where we participated four times. For us this festival, which takes care of domestic authors from its first days and carefully balances the program between newly-formed and affirmed musicians of our country and the region, is one of the most important events in the season. It is always a pleasure to perform at Beer Fest. It is not worth mentioning that, in the meantime, within the framework of Beer Fest's dedication to local authors, in the meantime, an exceptional manifestation - Beer Garden on Ada Ciganlija - has come to life", Matić said.