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Music stars at Belgrade Beer Fest - Van Gogh, S.A.R.S, Kiril Džajkovski, Atheist Rap

Friday, June 30, 2017

Belgrade Beer Fest will introduce numerous novelties in the year of the jubilee and host numerous performers from the country and region at two stages. Jubilee Beer Fest will be opened with great fireworks and performance of one of the most popular rock bands from this region - Van Gogh.

Minister Ljajic: Beer Fest improves the image of Serbia

"With its recognisability Belgrade Beer Fest had been contributing to improving the image of Serbia and Belgrade in the world for years. It is the most recognizable and convincingly the most visited manifestation that our capital has to offer. Owing mostly to this festival, Belgrade is considered one of the most popular capitals in South East and Central Europe. Being aware of the important role of the manifestation tourism in the social, cultural and economic development of our country we will support similar festivals in the following years, in order to increase the attractiveness of Serbia's tourist offer", said the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Mr. Rasim Ljajić, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the festival.

This summer at Ušće, the band that has been on the music scene for more than three decades will provide great entertainment and a superb experience for numerous fans from across the region. Having invited all the visitors to come smiling and in good humour, Zvonimir Đukić Đule also promised a great party and said: "It's been three years since our last appearance at Belgrade Beer Fest. We look forward to seeing the audience, so we can hardly wait to climb onto the stage and to explode out of pleasure in the embrace with the audience. As always, we are preparing an explosive show, and this year we have the honour to open the 15th Belgrade Beer Fest. We have prepared a special set list".

On the second day of the festival, at the other stage, one of the hit names will be a famous Macedonian composer and producer, a pioneer of electronic music based on Balkan ethno elements - Kiril Džajkovski.

Džajkovski became famous owing to his solo albums "Syntethic Theater", "Homebound" and "Religion & Sex", which many regard as pure perfection, and they are marked by a combination of "drum and bass" and Macedonian ethno. He is also known as a talented movie music composer and another interesting thing is that he founded the first band "Bastion", in the early eighties, together with the famous director Milčo Mančevski.

Punk rock giants from Novi Sad, the band Atheist Rap, who will perform on the third day of the festival at the main stage, remember with nostalgia their earlier performances at Belgrade Beer Fest.

"The audience at Ušće is very temperamental and take part in by throat and hands in every concert. We are ready for a new exchange of positive energy with them. We plan to present to the Belgrade Beer Fest audience the retrospective of our biggest hits and leave the heart on the field, as sports commentators say. Three years have passed since our last meeting with the audience at Ušće, in the meantime we have released an album, and in addition to numerous performances in the region, we also had two European tours on which we are very proud of. We will try to sum it all up, to pack it and deliver it to the audience on August 18th in the best possible edition", said the singer Aleksandar Popov - dr Pop, emphasizing that the band has a special relationship with Belgrade audience that has been built for over two and a half decades.

One of the most famous bands from this region, Belgrade band S.A.R.S, which marked their first ten years of existence with Belgrade Beer Fest performance last year, as the part of their celebration tour. This year, on Saturday, August 19th, the audience at Ušće, will have the opportunity to hear hits from six previous albums, including "Buđav lebac", "Ratujemo ti i ja", "Debeli lad", "Rakija", "Lutka"... The songs of SARS have reached nearly 100 million views in Youtube over the past period, and have taken the lead among the music experts and music lovers across the region.