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Beer magic within new festival zones at 15th Belgrade Beer Fest

Thursday, June 22, 2017

In the year of its jubilee, Belgrade Beer Fest organizers gave their best to surprise their guests with numerous novelties. New zones dedicated to the adventure of enjoying a variety of beer brands will be set up at Ušće. In one place one can find incredible smells and tastes of the beer world, intended for visitors who are fond of tradition, but also for those who are ready to get acquainted with the most inspiring achievements of the beer industry, which is being considered art these days.

"Open-air" inn will welcome festival visitors with 1,500 seats and 50 different beer brands. This will be the largest open air seating zone at some event in this part of Europe. In a specially designed space, where colours, lighting and led screens contribute to a special atmosphere, guests will be able to enjoy with all their senses. Eight pubs from Serbia will try to transfer their good atmosphere to Ušće. When talking about the food-beer combination it all comes down to the synergy of taste, so the visitors will be able to enjoy gourmet combinations and make sure that different types of beers have an excellent connection to food due to the taste layering. Even before a meal, beer "does the job" in the combination with food, since the hop stimulates appetite and beer ingredients come into interaction with food.

Craft zone with the most various contents so far, Craft Land, will be dedicated to the latest trends in craft beer production. The variety of flavours, textures, aromas and colours that define craft beer will make "Craft Land" a true paradise for beer enthusiasts. This year it will spread to as many as 1,200 m2 of the central part of Ušće and will unify, in one place, more than 20 craft breweries from the country and the region.

In the Embassy of Beer zone, each evening of the festival, one embassy will be the host representing United Beer Nations. There will be as many as 1,000 seats in this zone, and visitors will be able to taste more than 200 exclusive beers from around the world in pleasant ambient with interesting activations.

Region of Good Beer will offer the beers from all over the region, which will be presented in a special way at the largest regional beer festival.

In this zone, besides usual beer industry stands, this Beer Fest will offer a record number of seats in order to take the hedonistic feeling to the highest level.

The band BRKOVI at 15th Belgrade Beer Fest

One of the biggest regional concert attractions, the band from Zagreb Brkovi, will perform on the third day of this year's 15th Belgrade Beer Fest. The band that plays, as their singer Shamso likes to say, "punk-folk-wellness" music, is preparing a memorable concert at Ušće. The band's front men stresses out that they are very happy to be part of the jubilee Belgrade Beer Fest and happily remembers their first performance:

"When we received the call for the first time, we did not know how big the festival was.When we saw how many people visit it, I can tell you we were in trouble. Now we are more experienced and we cannot wait for this performance, which will be the only one in Belgrade this year.At the same time, this concert will be a big gathering of both colleagues and the audience. We come privately to Belgrade also, but this is the best combination when it comes to such a great spectacle. A lot of Belgrade people started asking why we did not come earlier and since we knew about this performance, which was agreed a long time ago, we were fooling a little bit, and now here is the official information that we play on Friday, August 18th. Of course, we must justifyall the expectations of the audience and organizers".

The singer and the author of the most "Brkovi" songs,adds that prior to such concerts the most important thing is adrenaline. "You see, I'm already nervous now, I'm just waiting that day to get through all the preparations and when the show starts, that is the real thing, than we give all the energy we have to the audience. I'm sorry we cannot stay the day after the concert in Belgrade, because we have a new gig. The number of beer stands is incredible, one needs to see and to try it all. Beer Fest lasts for 15 years now, and it can be concluded that it's worth it. If someone told me fifteen years ago that we will play with such bands, I'd say he is crazy! We are immensely happy that we used such an opportunity from ourhanging around, for example I'm a singer in an attempt, and we manage to transfer the energy and spontaneity that the audience feels as well".