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Svetislav Goncić, Zoran Cvijanović and Dragana Mićalović in the promo video of the 15th Belgrade Beer Fest

Friday, June 16, 2017

An advertising video inviting visitors to the Belgrade Beer Fest jubilee, has a dose of nostalgia and is a tribute to the cult movie "Oktoberfest".

This video will mark two anniversaries - the fifteenth birthday of Beer Fest and three decades since the premiere of Dragan Kresoja movie telling a story about romantic youth and dreams of Munich beer fair. Thus, thirty years later, the main actors of this movie, Svetislav Bule Goncić and Zoran Cvijanovic Cvija have found themselves in new roles.

"When we were invited to shoot a scene on the tram, which is a tribute to our film, Bule and I gladly accepted the invitation. Today's shooting brought us nice memories about the movie, and I like us going all together to Beer Fest, at the end of the video", said Cvija and also discovered an anecdote from the shooting in Munich 30 years ago: "For the last scene of the movie that we shot on the tram, we brought mugs from Oktoberfest, which was not entirely legal. As I said, we "borrowed" the mugs, threw them in some bushes and then picked  them up as props, because at that time, you did not have a place to buy them".

"We were young and had the opportunity to work with a great director Kresoja, who enabled us to give our maximum at that moment. Indeed, we were concerned only about creative things, then our lives also had intervened in what we were doing on stage. Those memories were priceless and we woven into each other's lives", recalls Bule, who during the video shooting particularly liked the cooperation with a young colleague Dragana Mićalović, who is the promo face of this year's festival. "The idea of connecting these two stories in the video is great, the story of us a little bit older and the story of these young people, and that together we can have a great time at one place - at Beer Fest", said Bule.

Therefore, this time, Bule and Cvija, will instead to Munich go to Ušće, along with young people from the tram, because Belgrade Beer Fest waits for them from August 16th to August 20th, with great music and great beer selection.

Safely to Beer Fest

Like thirty years ago for the movie set, on this ocassion also, GSP provided a tram where a video for this year's Beer Fest was filmed. "GSP, as well as the entire municipal system of the City of Belgrade has been a partner of the festival for years. Beer Fest is the place where we should relax and enjoy together. And so we are sending a message to our fellow citizens that the public transport is the safest way to arrive to the festival", said Darko Glavaš, Beokom service Manager.