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"Hladno pivo" and "Goblini" at 15th Belgrade Beer Fest

Friday, June 09, 2017

The most popular punk rock bands in the region, "Hladno pivo" and "Goblini" will warm up the audience during two nights at the jubilee night of the 15th Belgrade Beer Fest.

After three years, the band "Hladno pivo" will give a crowd at Ušće again a memorable concert on Friday, August 18th. Known for their energetic performances and their hits "Mojoj majici", "Ezoterija", "Pitala si me", "Nije sve tako sivo", "Samo za taj osjećaj", "Pjevajte nešto ljubavno", the band from Zagreb will also present the songs from their latest album "Zatvorena vrata". The band has been performing for 29 years now at the biggest rock events and scenes in the region, and each of eight released albums, occupies a special place among the admirers of rock sound. As a proof of that, stands the fact that the band has been nominated twice for MTV EMA Best Adria Act.

Memories of previous performances at Beer Fest are unforgettable for the band. "Beer Fest is definitely the most populous festival. I've never played in front of more people, and the best thing is that the audience knows all the songs. When I first came out to Beer Fest stage, I thought that the audience will be made out of a lot of random passers-by, but when Ušće erupted, only then I realized that in Serbia there are many people who know what we do and we felt like the Rolling Stones", said Mile Kekin.

Another legendary punk-rock band from Šabac "Goblini" will perform on Saturday, August 19th, in front of many fans at Ušće. The career of one of the most influential ex-yu punk bands, was marked by numerous hits like "Cipjonka", "Ima nas", "Elesdi se vraća kući", "Anja, volim te", "U magnovenju" and "Voz". This time also, "Goblini" have promised to have an energetic and sanguine concert, which will present a cross section of their career, from the beginning until the present day.

"Indeed, Belgrade Beer Fest besides being the biggest party during the year is at the same time the biggest musical event in Belgrade. It's wonderful to be there and enjoy a good beer and favourite band, more beautiful is to play in front of so many fans and certainly at the best stage in this part of the world. Everything is a kind of ten times better compared to other festivals. Organization is excellent and the way the whole system functions, which musicians see as a kind of a reward for their work. We have been following Beer Fest since Kalemegdan, this will be our third time to play and we are sure not the last, because something great and good as BBF will last for many years", say the guys from the band "Goblini".

For the first time in Serbia, during the 15th Belgrade Beer Fest, International Exchange of beer souvenirs will be held. Such gatherings have been organized throughout the world for years and they attract a large number of collectors and tourists, and the Association of Serbian collectors of beer glasses and souvenirs gave their best to organize such an exchange in Serbia for the first time in cooperation with Belgrade Beer Fest.

"The members of our association have been promoting our country for several years at similar gatherings in the world, which is why many collectors expressed their wish to come to Serbia and to be a part of the exchange. Thanks to the understanding and the support of Belgrade Beer Fest producers, we will organize the first international exchange, where collectors from Slovakia, Germany, Lithuania, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia and other countries will take part in", said Božidar Čolić, the vice president of the Serbian association and stressed out that the visitors will be able to see the most interesting beer souvenirs that were collected around the world, on Saturday, August 19th from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. at Ušće.

This year, the 15th Belgrade Beer Fest will be held from August 16th to August 20th at Ušće.