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Jubilee XV Belgrade Beer Fest, 16th-20th August at Ušće - THE MEETING PLACE

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The biggest beer and music festival in this part of Europe will host more than half a million visitors on this occasion from August 16th to August 20th this summer. As one of the most recognizable tourist brands of our country, Belgrade Beer Fest has for fifteen years been offering guaranteed entertainment with popular beer tastes and concerts of prestigious music performers from the country, the region and the world, all with a free entrance.

The same case is this year also, when, at the opening, the famous British electro band Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) will perform, which nourishes a mixture of rap core and dub sound under the strong influence of punk rock culture and traditional rhythms. So far, their 14 albums have been released, and their performances are characterized by great energy, which they will show for the first time at Ušće in front of 100,000 people.

The fans of the local sound will surely be happy to see the concert of the legends of the Serbian rock scene, the band Riblja Čorba. The band is preparing a new album, and its members are especially pleased to play at Beer Fest for the fourth time. "It was very impressive to us as a band, when Beer Fest audience declared our performance to be the best", said Bora Čorba and added: "The best impression on us left our performance two years ago, when it was raining and 50 thousand people were jumping and singing. The special charm of this festival is precisely in this atmosphere, which, besides the bands, is created by a beautiful audience and a very professional organization. That's why it lasts so long".

For the success and development of this festival during all these years, the support of the City of Belgrade, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, as well as the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, is very important, recognizing the contribution of the festival to the positioning of Serbia and Belgrade on the tourist map of Europe. "For 14 years in a row, we make a significant contribution to the development of manifestation tourism in Serbia. Due to the fantastic atmosphere that performers and tourists experience at our festival, they carry from Serbia a universal message - Serbia is a hospitable country, and people are eager to socialize and interact with the world", said Dejan Grastić, one of the founders of the festival.

As an introduction to this year's event, a series of events will be organized throughout the summer, where visitors will be able to get to know the contents of this year's festival, and during the festival itself the First International Exchange of Beer Souvenirs will be organized, where visitors will be able to see the most interesting collections from all over the world. Namely, in cooperation with the Association of Serbian collectors, collectors from over 20 countries will gather at Ušće, after which they will certainly bring positive impressions from Serbia and in the coming years they will visit in greater number.

The actress Dragana Mićalović is promo face of the 15th Belgrade Beer Fest

The jubilee Beer Fest will be marked with a smile and charm of the actress Dragana Mićalović, who will be the promo face of the 15th festival edition. In addition to the love of acting, Dragana has, as a girl, also gained love for music and singing. She attended a music school and plays the piano, and as a very talented young actress she has remarkable roles in several television series and theatre performances.

"In addition to acting, rock'n'roll is not just music but a lifestyle for me, so I'm happy to have the opportunity to represent our prestigious festival and thus achieve my teenage dream", said Dragana Mićalović, who will promote this year's festival and in best way present the program, performers and accompanying events of the most visited manifestation in South East Europe.

For fourteen years of existence, 7.7 million visitors have enjoyed more than 600 musical performances, has tasted over 330 beer brands, and among the many awards that the festival has received there is also the recommendation of the prestigious British newspaper "The Independent", which has Belgrade Beer Fest ranked among 20 world events that should be visited. Belgrade Beer Fest has established itself as one of the most important segments of the tourist offer of Belgrade and Serbia, and in year 2014 the festival won the "Best from Serbia" award in the category of "The best manifestation in the function of promotion of Serbia".

From year to year, Belgrade Beer Fest has been using the festival's high attendance to communicate socially responsible and humanitarian actions among which are most important: I choose to recycle, Kad pijem ne vozim, #BelgradeBeerFest #Happy Contest, Beer Fest souvenirs helping the people threatened by the floods and for "BG Bebiklub", campaigns dedicated to AIDS and STD prevention. Each of these actions has produced a significant result in raising public awareness.

In support to the fact that Beer Fest is the most visited festival in this part of Europe, goes the fact that during the last year's festival, Travel Channel team recorded a program about Belgrade just at the time of its maintenance, in order to record the unique atmosphere that follows it, which will certainly be the main trump card of the 15th Belgrade Beer Fest also.