Belgrade Beer Fest proudly announces the performance of famous British band The Stranglers

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Belgrade Beer Fest proudly announces the performance of famous British band The Stranglers

The 16th Belgrade Beer Fest which will be held 15-19 August, proudly announces that famous British band The Stranglers will perform for the first time at the festival. Concert of one of the most influential post punk bands is scheduled on the second day of the festival, 16 August, and the visitors will be able to enjoy in the greatest hits of this legendary band from their career longer than 4 decades, free of charge.

The famous British band came from first punk generation and it is the only band from that generation to succeed, during its long career, in having 23 songs among Top 40 Singles in Great Britain. The Stranglers huge popularity partly comes from successful changes the band went through, from 'new wave' aggressive sound towards sophisticated pop-rock. Their most famous song is certainly legendary "Golden Brown", released in 1981. The song still appears in contemporary movies and TV shows.

The Stranglers were founded in 1974 in Guildford. They persistently looked for 'the sound' playing in all pubs they could for two years – until the point they formed it as a killer combination of growling bass of Jean-Jacques Burnel, uncompromisingly taunting vocal of Hugh Cornwell, distinctive sound of Dave Greenfield's keyboards and always reliable drums of Jet Black in the background. Although their first three albums "Rattus Norvegicus", "No More Heroes" and "Black and White" are considered classical 'new wave' records, it is interesting that they're published in 13 months period, bringing to the charts lots of new themes, and lots of slang which they used in immense quantities. From political comments to male-female observations – The Strangles appearance had a huge echo.

Their success was inevitable, and The Stranglers had hits during years, from all the albums they released. When they made a turn, in the beginning of the 80s, towards sophisticated pop sound on the albums "La Folie", "Feline" and "Aural Sculpture", they did it very specifically, thrilled; the themes were mostly of pure love, and the song arrangements were of more refined style. They made it to the top charts all over Europe, United States and Australia, and the interest in their work was kept until the 90s, when their original frontman Hugh Cornwall left the band. Since then they have been performing with an addition to their group, in which, besides 3 founders, in the last 10 years, the place of the singer has been taken by convincing Buz Warne.

In spite of the changes in the group, which came during years, performances of the band are still considered a unique experience, as always. Phenomenon of popularity, which lasts until today, is based on their appearance of dangerous but friendly neighborhood outcasts. Eventually, they showed their gentle face, by making one of the most beautiful pop-rock songs in the 80s, but the message they send is always the same: the rebel one. Always wearing black leather jackets, always saying what they think – The Stranglers are the part of the modern definition of British rock and roll, and that's why we always gladly listen to their music.

In the same evening, on Thursday, 16 August, before our British guests take the stage, dr Nele Karajlic will perform. It will be a night to remember!