Riblja čorba, Aerodrom, YU grupa, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša at 16th Belgrade Beer Fest

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Riblja čorba, Aerodrom, YU grupa, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša at 16th Belgrade Beer Fest

The 16th Belgrade Beer Fest which will be held 15-19 August, will offer a musical show for all the visitors at Ušće. The performance of one of the greatest Serbian and regional bands – Riblja Čorba - will be an overture to 5 days long enjoying in music, beer, and other numerous contents at the greatest festival in South-Eastern Europe.

Regarding the jubilee and the concert at Ušće, the bass guitarist of Riblja Čorba, Miša Aleksić, says: "Riblja Čorba has started to celebrate its 40th anniversary at last year's Belgrade Beer Fest, and the band's true birthday is 15 August - the band will celebrate its 40th birthday by having a big party at Belgrade Beer Fest. The setlist will contain our most popular songs. So, don't miss the 40th birthday of Riblja Čorba at Belgrade Beer Fest!"

Great atmosphere before Riblja Čorba performance will be the responsibility of our Croatian guests – rock band Aerodrom, led by the great musician Jurica Pađen. "We performed 8 years ago and we are looking forward to meeting Belgrade audience once again. We'll play our biggest hits "Stavi pravu stvar", "Obična ljubavna pjesma", "Fratello", "24 sata", and some of the songs of other big bands I played with. At the same time, it will also be the announcement of songs set from the first five Aerodrom albums", says Jurica Pađen, and exclusively announces his new single "Titanik", which has a video filmed, too. The video is completely different, because it is the first video in this region with horror elements in a love song.

The fans of the most long-lasting band in the history of domestic rock music, YU Grupa, will be happy to find out that the band will perform on Friday, 17 August. "There are few festivals such as Belgrade Beer Fest that can cause such an excitement for the performers. Number of people that come and excellent organization and technical support are the mix that drives adrenalin rush. This year will be our 7th time on Belgrade Beer Fest stage, but there is the desire is no less to put Ušće on fire. YU Grupa will rock again this year next to the Sava river and the Danube", announces Petar Jelić.

The fans of Belgrade band Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša will be able to enjoy in their excellent gig on Saturday, 18 August, on Alternative stage. "We are happy to perform on Belgrade Beer Fest, after four years. We expect a perfect summer day, an audience in a mood for dance and its healing powers. I also expect that our band meets the expectations with the usual setlist made of previous, current and future hits", says the band's guitarist Nenad Pejović.

Đurđina Radić: I am so happy to represent Belgrade Beer Fest 2018!

Young actress and singer, former vocal of the band Sevdah baby, songwriter and composer, nowadays independent performer, Đurđina Radić, known as Djixx is this year's promo face of 16th Belgrade Beer Fest. Charismatic performer says that she is happy to represent the most famous beer-musical festival, after the famous ladies from acting, music and showbiz sphere.

"As a mucisian, I believe that this festival is the most unique in the region, and it personally means to me because it is one of the first festivals I visited myself as a teenager and where I had an opportunity to hear performing live some of the legends of domestic rock and roll music. That's how I myself became interested in music. I am proud that's it's held in my hometown and that it has the spirit of our urban culture. I am very pleased I got the opportunity to be the part of this cultural festival which made great impression on me", says Djixx.