Dr Nele Karajlić is preparing a show to remember at Belgrade Beer Fest

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Dr Nele Karajlić is preparing a show to remember at Belgrade Beer Fest

Dr Nele Karajlić will on Thursday, 16 August at 9:30pm, present his complete creative opus.

"I will present 'the whole Nele' at this concert: the one from "Zabranjenopušenje", the one from "No smoking orchestra", and something completely new, as a surprise for the audience. It will be, so to speak, travel through time - Dr Nele representing himself and his spectacular comeback in front of 120k people", announces famous musician.

Dr Nele says that first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Belgrade Beer Fest is "great time, excellent music, cold beer and beautiful people. I will provide good music, Beer Fest will provide beer, and I leave to people the best way to come closer", he says in a humorous way and adds: "Zabranjeno pušenje has always had the strength to make you laugh and to make you cry, it has been known as our strongest weapon".

Legendary rocker interrupted his absence, which lasted several years, with his recent tour in Canada and the United States, and when asked how it felt to sing all the hits all over again in front of the audience, Nele stated it felt as if he was singing completely new songs. "That 20-year break woke up the boy in me, because it was a great happiness to sing those songs again in Toronto and Chicago. It is interesting that all those songs still 'do its thing', each piece of the puzzle came to its place, and the most touching part for me was that people who weren't even born when I stopped singing came to the concert. It is interesting to see those kids, to see how they perceive the songs, something that was written in another universe, another era. It means that the songs themselves are the energy catalyst, and that fact allows them to exist out of space and out of time, because nobody listens to "Zabranjeno pušenje" as the part of the specific time – anything you play sounds like it is written two days ago."

The audience can expect at the upcoming concert at Belgrade Beer Fest, as Nele says, the energy of somebody who gives every part of himself. "That almost got me finished, and it is certain that I'm even worse now" – this might be the best invitation to all the people ready to this summer, too, enjoy in unforgettable atmosphere, the best music and top-quality beer.

"I experimented in various artistic forms, but there is no greater excitement for an artist than going out on stage, no artistic expression brings such a catharsis as the singer's or musician's expression on stage. People approach me every day and say the same sentence – Do you know that I grew up with your music? – it is a kind of something I owe them, I want them to see the how those songs are timeless, and their energy when performed live."

Belgrade Cultural Network, as the festival's organizer, is especially pleased that Dr NeleKarajlićhas chosen for his comeback the most massive festival in the country. He will perform on the spectacular main stage, for the convenience of domestic and international audience.

Belgrade Beer Fest will this year be held 15-19 August at Ušće, and you can soon expect the announcement of other names, domestic and international, which will perform on 3 festival's stages.