Obojeni program

The pioneers of the alternative rock music, Obojeni Program, were created at the beginning of the 80s in Novi Sad. From its start the band was focussed on devising its own autentic and independent sound, but also the philosophy of life which would transcend that which was commonly accepted. After an entire decade of concert activity, their first album was published with the help of the record company Search & Joy from Zagreb in 1990.

Despite the hard reality of the independent alternative music community the band was able to record 5 albums in the studio and one live album. With the airing of their song "981" in the show "120 minutes", the Obojeni Program became the first local band to appear on the MTV television.

They will come on the Alternative Stage on the third day of the Belgrade Beer Fest, and the audience will have the opportunity to listen to their hits such as "Kad se neko nečem dobrom nada", "ABCD avioni", "Ona je tu" and many more.