The well known Belgrade alternative rock bend KKN (Kanda Kodža i Nebojša) was formed in 1991, but their first album came out in 1996. It consisted of recorded songs, as well as recordings from concerts and carried the hit song, "Priroda". At the end of the 90s they became through their music more politically engaged.

After participating in the soundtrack of the cult classic "Munje" with the song "Izlazim", the group was temporarily disbanded but it was revived in 2003 with new members. Two years later they published a new album, "Prekidi stvarnosti", which is considered as their top work. The classic songs from that album include "Kad oživimo", "Plaše dečake", "Ton po ton", and others. So far, they have published 8 albums.

The Audience of the Belgrade Beer Fest will again, after 4 years, have the opportunity to enjoy in the alternative rock sounds of the KKN on the Alternative Stage on 18 August.